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Medicating Racing Pigeons

Medicating Racing Pigeons Requirements for medicating racing pigeons differ depending on each fancier’s specific situation. There is no hard and fast rule for medicating. Overall, medication should be given only if there is a specific reason for doing so. Situations in Which to Medicate For fanciers who raise pigeons simply for their own personal enjoyment, […]


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How Do You Pair Your Breeder’s – Part Two

How Do You Pair Your Breeder’s – Part Two I like to pair my birds so that there’s always a genetic link between two pigeons. The studies I‘ve done on the subject really back this up. I’ve spent countless hours studying genetic percentages. I’ve found that there seems to be a common denominator between 28% […]


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Embryonic Death in Racing Pigeons

Embryonic Death in Racing Pigeons The normal rate of embryonic death in the incubating eggs of racing pigeons is about 5%. If you are dealing with a death rate above that, you need to investigate possible causes of why the fertile eggs are failing to hatch. Many fanciers think that salmonella is the cause but […]



Care of the Abandoned Racing Pigeon Hatchling– Part 2 Feeding

Care of the Abandoned Racing Pigeon Hatchling– Part 2 Feeding Feeding the Pigeon Hatchling Before you begin to handfeed the pigeon hatchling, you’ll need to create an artificial beak. You can do this by taking a syringe and cutting of the needle attachment at the end. The diameter of the opening should be large enough […]



Culling Unproductive Flyers and Breeders (part2of2)

Article Provided by Bob Prisco In both the racing and breeding loft the true value of a pigeon will be found only by actual results (good and bad), either by flying or by the quality of the young it produces.  If a bird cannot help you to improve your results in the flying or breeding […]

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Culling Unproductive Flyers and Breeders (part1 of 2)

Article provided by Bob Prisco Culling is a procedure that is easy for some, hard for others and impossible for many fanciers. Each fancier must identify the goals for his loft that he wishes to achieve before he knows which birds he needs to save and which he needs to eliminate or cull. Also, these […]

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Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Part 2

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Part 2 In part 1 of “Beyond the Hype; Identify the truth” we discussed 7 qualities that all champion fanciers have in common and how easy it is for new and experienced fanciers to get information overloaded. In part 2 we wanted to shed the hype and explain each […]


Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Top performance lofts and their great results are displayed throughout the various racing publications around the world.  These fanciers have become famous for their outstanding race achievements as both young bird and old bird flyers.  Their training, feeding, health, medication programs, loft design and other techniques have been put […]


Secret #1: Cull Heavy

Secret #1: Cull Heavy When cutting back, forget all about names, strains, cost, etc.  There are two kinds of pigeons:  GOOD ONES AND BAD ONES.  “Bad” pigeons cost us more money than “Good” pigeons!  We spend a lot of money on feed, supplies, medicine and training; as well as time on poor birds only to […]

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Secret #2: Quality over Quantity

Secret #2:  Quality over Quantity DO NOT OVER CROWD YOUR LOFT (Racing or Breeding).  Quantity offers only cost and wasted time.  Quality is profitable and rewarding.  Once you learn the advantage of quality above quantity, put it into practice. People are creatures of habit.  The easiest thing to do is repeat the same past mistakes.  […]

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