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Culling Unproductive Flyers and Breeders (part2of2)

Article Provided by Bob Prisco In both the racing and breeding loft the true value of a pigeon will be found only by actual results (good and bad), either by flying or by the quality of the young it produces.  If a bird cannot help you to improve your results in the flying or breeding […]

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Conclusion – Feed and Medication Programs for Young Birds in Training

Over the past few days we have discussed Bob prisco’s feed and medication program for his young birds during weaning, settling & loft flying and road training. If you missed those articles you can read them by clicking the links below. => Weaning feed and medication program => Settling and loft flying feed and medication program => […]

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Pigeon Auctions, Helpful Tips (Part 1 of 3)

The vast majority of public auctions are credible events that provide an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet at a central location and conduct business. Also, they provide an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers to arrive at the fair market value of the birds. Pigeon Auction Categories: 1. Complete Sell Out: A […]

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Pigeon Training and Nutrition Part 1

Pigeon Training and Nutrition Part 1 If you want to run the marathon, you will have to train, otherwise you will not arrive at the finish line in time. This we can all understand and accept. To develop this ability, a plan is required, one that will lead to your goal. It will take many […]

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Can We Measure Energy in Pigeons? Part 2

Can We Measure Energy in Pigeons? Part 2 The former use energy more efficiently. Now that we know exactly how much energy a pigeon uses per hour of flight, can we, if we know how much fat our feed contains, calculate how much a pigeon needs? Example: Let’s suppose your pigeons were being entered for […]

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Can We Measure Energy in Pigeons? Part 1

Can We Measure Energy in Pigeons? Part 1 When we go to the city for the day or a weekend, we make sure that we are well prepared for the trip. We take a coat, our wallet, perhaps a camera and an umbrella, just in case. We also make sure the car is ready. We […]

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The Breeding Loft

The Breeding Loft Winning is the result of breeding, training, nutrition, consistency, stamina, heart, superior intelligence and homing ability.  In pigeon racing, there is no substitute for any of the above qualities.  Only excellent race results, generation after generation in the best of competition, should be the goal of any breeding loft. Always keep in […]



Pigeon Fostering

Pigeon Fostering….. This is our method to raise an all white round, then a race team, using fosters and ‘natural parents’…. Put the pairs together, and let everyone lay a round of eggs. Most pairs will lay within 7-10 days of each other. Throw away all the eggs from all the pairs on the same […]


Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Part 2

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Part 2 In part 1 of “Beyond the Hype; Identify the truth” we discussed 7 qualities that all champion fanciers have in common and how easy it is for new and experienced fanciers to get information overloaded. In part 2 we wanted to shed the hype and explain each […]


Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth Top performance lofts and their great results are displayed throughout the various racing publications around the world.  These fanciers have become famous for their outstanding race achievements as both young bird and old bird flyers.  Their training, feeding, health, medication programs, loft design and other techniques have been put […]