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Factoring Genetics Example – The Meulemans Pigeons

Factoring Genetics Example – The Meulemans Pigeons To set the stage for this example, the Meulemans pigeons are a combination of the Janssens and the Huyskens. And the Van Den Bosch pigeons are some of the original birds of the Huyskens van Riels.   In the 1970s the renowned “Golden Couple” were paired in the […]

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Interview with Willem Mulder

An interview with Willem Mulder. Who is  Willem Mulder  and what do you do? My name is Willem Mulder. I am a feed nutrition consultant for a animal feed company. My specialty is racing pigeon feeds. Why did you write these articles? I have taken various courses on animal nutrition at Barneveld. Almost 15 years […]

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Jack Barkel

Jack Barkel | Website JACK BARKEL must surely have been the youngest serious keeper of fancy pigeons of all times. He started this hobby, which was to develop into an abiding passion and fully-fledged sport later on, in 1941, at the tender age of five! Jack remembers: The Second World War was in full swing, […]


Dr. John Lamberton

Dr. John Lamberton Dr. John Lamberton, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA is dedicated to breeding, training, and racing  champion homing pigeons in the USA and Belgium with Mr. Jef Cuypers. Dr. Lamberton provides thoughtful science-based information to fanciers by sharing his practical loft management strategy and positive approach to the sport of racing pigeons.  His website and […]


Ad Schaerlaeckens

Ad Schaerlaeckens Ad Schaerlaeckens is known as one of the best pigeon fanciers, authors and pigeon sport advocates of all time. He is world renowned by the pigeon community and has numerous accomplishments in the pigeon sport. In 1995 when Ad was crowned as the over all Champion of Afdeling M Brabant (cf ‘Provincial’) again, […]



Craig Goode

Craig Goode In 1966, Craig’s older brothers, Kavin and David got their first homing pigeons from a neighbor. And so Craig’s lifelong love of being a pigeon fancier began at the age of five. Together the boys built their first pigeon loft in Smithfield, Utah from scrap lumber and started training and racing pigeons. That […]



Dr. Rob Marshall

Dr. Rob Marshall Dr. Rob Marshall is a bird veterinarian with more than 25 years experience in treating birds. He has kept birds since the age of eight. The age he decided to become a bird veterinarian. Since 1975, Dr. Marshall has been attending to birds as a veterinarian. In 1988, he received his M.A.C.V.Sc. […]

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Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M

Dr. David E. Marx D.V.M Dr. David Marx, DVM, is probably America’s best know pigeon veterinarian. An accomplished racing pigeon flyer, he was the founding president and a two-term president of the Association of Pigeon Veterinarian’s. Golden Valley Pet and Pigeon Clinic 2707 NW 60th Ave. Norman, OK 73072 1-900-737-MARX Dr. David E. Marx Articles […]


Chris Smith

Champion Fancier, Chris Smith Alder man Chris Smith ex Mayor of the city Boksburg in South Africa. A pigeon fancier since childhood. Chris Smith creator of the famous Chris Smith Blues who delivers winners all over the Globe. Chris Smith Blues consists of the following strains. Jansen, Cattryse, Ducheyne, Huysken van Riel, Old Puttrie. Results, […]