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Welcome to the Beginners Handbook

We know that some of the information on this site may be alittle confusing and advanced for some fanciers and we wanted to try to eliminate giving some of the novice fanciers “information overload” and a help you build a good knowledge foundation to pigeon racing. That is why the beginners handbook was created. The beginners handbook is meant to show you a few of the basics as well as taking you through one entire year in the lives of your birds, this way you will have a better understanding and vision of what the sport is all about.

It still may be alittle confusing for you until you actually go through the experience of building a loft and raising and training your own birds. Find someone else in the sport to help you grow and learn, but remember that experience is the best teacher of all. Learn from mistakes and do not make the same mistakes twice. Ask questions. You will never learn unless you ask. Also remember that the pigeon fancier that knows everything does not exist. Pigeon racing is a great sport, hobby and past time and one that you can even involve your entire family in. Remember to keep you and your birds well being a top priority and Remember to have fun with it.

If you look below, we have broken the sport down for you and after you read through the beginners handbook and get a better understanding for the sport then feel free to dig into the site for more advanced strategies and techniques.

A few Recommendations,
For extended learning be sure to check out the Pigeon Racing Formula by clicking here which will take you deeper inside the science of the sport and be sure to sign up for the Pigeon Insider newsletter by clicking here which is full of advanced how-to information. and as always if you have any questions just let us know by clicking here and we will try to get them answered for you.

Welcome to this great sport and enjoy the handbook!

Beginners Handbook Contents

Check out the Pigeon Racing Formula for more advanced pigeon racing techniques.

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