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Factoring Genetics Example – The Meulemans Pigeons

Factoring Genetics Example – The Meulemans Pigeons To set the stage for this example, the Meulemans pigeons are a combination of the Janssens and the Huyskens. And the Van Den Bosch pigeons are some of the original birds of the Huyskens van Riels.   In the 1970s the renowned “Golden Couple” were paired in the […]

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Factoring Genetics into Racing Pigeon Breeding

Factoring Genetics into Racing Pigeon Breeding Learning and understanding the genetics of racing pigeons is crucial to the successful breeding of the birds.  There are genetic traits that you know desire and need to introduce to the gene pool of your loft. You need to know just what you want. Another important area is in […]

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How Do You Pair Your Breeder’s – Part Two

How Do You Pair Your Breeder’s – Part Two I like to pair my birds so that there’s always a genetic link between two pigeons. The studies I‘ve done on the subject really back this up. I’ve spent countless hours studying genetic percentages. I’ve found that there seems to be a common denominator between 28% […]


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Embryonic Death in Racing Pigeons

Embryonic Death in Racing Pigeons The normal rate of embryonic death in the incubating eggs of racing pigeons is about 5%. If you are dealing with a death rate above that, you need to investigate possible causes of why the fertile eggs are failing to hatch. Many fanciers think that salmonella is the cause but […]