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Breed From Leaders Part 3 – Breeding is a Numbers Game

Breed From Leaders Part 3 – Breeding is a Numbers Game Breeding is a numbers game.  If we find a bird and his ancestries are full of leaders and champions, the chances greatly improve the possibility that its children will possess these same qualities.  You always have a better chance of success to breed from […]

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Breed from Leaders Part 2

Breed from Leaders Part 2 The difference between followers and leaders is not in the physical qualities of the birds, but the mental ability to “home”, and thus repeat week after week, a necessary qualification in racing. Champion lofts seem to produce champions on a regular bases in their own countries.  WHY?  The legendary and […]

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Breed from Leaders Part 1

Breed from Leaders Part 1 Like people, most of our racing pigeons become followers instead of leaders and independent thinkers.  It is a very dangerous and fatal mistake for a fancier, and his breeding program for success in racing, to place these followers in a breeding loft. Followers are the birds that lack the mental […]



Will Begin Posting Again Soon….

Hey all, I just wanted to leave a quick post and tell you that I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything in the last two weeks or so. I’ve been really busy working on a few things that I know your gonna love, I’ll tell you more about them later. Anyway I just wanted to […]