After the Breeding and Racing Seasons

After the breeding season

After your breeders have produced the youngsters to your race team, they should be stopped from raising any more young ones. Some fliers separate the pairs, while others take the real eggs away and let the pairs sit on glass or dummy eggs. One or the other needs to be done because as the Fall begins, the birds begin to molt. All of their feathers will be replaced during the Fall. They molt a few feathers each day until all their plumage has been replaced. If you allow the parents to raise youngsters in the Fall, they will not have the strength to replace their feathers properly. The parent’s plumage will be dull because they gave too much of their food supply to their late hatched youngsters.

After the racing season

After the racing season, it is time to separate the cocks and hens. They can now finish out their molt and get ready for next Spring. You now have all Winter to think about which pairs will produce your “champion”. Winter is also the time that many clubs have their shows.

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After the Breeding and Racing Seasons

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