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*Video* Whistle Response

A while back I posted a tip from John Glemser where he told us how he trains his birds to associate his call (in his case a whistle) to being fed. You can read more about it by clicking here after you watch the video. He trains his birds while they are still in the […]



Pigeon Racing Pigeons

Welcome to Pigeon Racing Pigeons Our Goals Hello and welcome to Pigeon Racing blog, our main goals here at Pigeon Racing Pigeons is to help preserve and promote the pigeon racing sport and hobby as well as helping with the development and growth of the sport through research, not to mention helping to educate […]


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10 Mistakes of Non-Champions

10 MISTAKES OF THE NON-CHAMPIONS Many champions share the same ideas and fanciers that will never be champions are also of a type. The reason why they will never be champions is not the fact that they make mistakes, (everybody does) but the fact that they are not aware of that and keep on making […]



10 Pigeon Racing Rules to Remember

10 Pigeon Racing Rules to Remember Sometimes I am asked for rules that are important to remember. Sometimes I am asked about differences between champions and non champions. Sometimes I am asked so many things. I made writing about pigeons and pigeon sport my living so it stands to reason that I know nearly all […]



Feeding Young Widowhood Cocks

Here’s another great video from Dr. John Lamberton, in this video he shows us his techniques for feeding young widowhood cocks in the nestbox. Also pay attention to how he associates feeding with his call, this is a very important thing in pigeon racing. *Video* Feeding Young Widowhood Cocks by Dr. John Lamberton Sign up for the […]

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Sick Pigeons

Sick Pigeons Pigeons sometimes get sick even in the cleanest lofts. Sick pigeons often ruffle their feathers and look droopy. When they are sick, they often have watery droppings. Many different diseases will cause these symptoms. Asking an experienced pigeon flier for help is a good idea. If you have no one to help you, […]


Feed, Grit and Water

Feed What kind of body would you have if you only ate cake? It certainly would be fun for a while, but you soon would get tired of it. Worse, you would soon have an unhealthy body and not very much pep and energy. Pigeons are seed eaters. Like you, they need a balanced diet. […]

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Loft Elements

Loft Elements Traps For those fanciers that intend to allow their birds to fly outside, traps or bobs are a must. No loft should be without a set. The Belgians have developed a new kind of trap, but most American fliers still use the traditional aluminum bobs. Once the birds have come into the loft, […]

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Loft Ventilation

Loft Ventilation Even if one whole side of your loft was open, you would not have good ventilation. In fact, you would have quite a draft and probably would get sick pigeons. How do you have good ventilation and yet not have drafts blowing on the birds? How can you have good ventilation without allowing […]

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The Pigeon Loft

The Pigeon Loft Pigeons are kept in pigeon lofts. Chickens are kept in a coop, so when we talk about a loft, we mean that it is a house just for pigeons. Pigeon lofts can come in all sizes. They also come in different prices. In place where pigeon racing is “big bucks,” pigeon lofts […]

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