*Video* John Glemser's Loft Management

Hey, this is an excellent video from John Glemser, he gives us a run down of what his loft management looks like and the products that he uses in his loft. If you have any questions or comments be sure to post them and John will try to answer them for you.

John Glemser’s Loft Management *Video* by John Glemser

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  1. #1 by allan on January 18, 2011 - 10:15 am

    hi sir chris and sir john glemser, this video is great and thanks for sharing your best tips ang knowledge..for me this video is verry informative.. i have a question hope you answer my my questions, here>
    is this possible charcoal someday getting toxic respiratory pigeon?
    because since i ahve pigeon i do not use the charcoal and i have friend
    here in philippines, he gave me the tips use the charcoal. so if ok to use the
    charcoal or not pls give the rigth trategy how to use this and i remember regarding chlorine is geting toxic to pigeon.. i wish you share your knowledge regarding to use the charcoal.. thanks and god bless you.happy racing.

  2. #2 by Airbaby on August 5, 2010 - 6:30 pm


    John was talking about preparing for breeding, the reason he medicates his breeders is to make sure they are going to into the stressful breeding season with a clean bill of health, if they are already fighting something this will take care of it. And just because the belgiums have been racing longer does not make them the best, that is just your opinion. John has won more than his fair share races also, but you dont see him on there beating his chest saying hey look at me. He is just trying to help us beginners get off to a good start and keep it that way.

  3. #3 by mick on June 24, 2010 - 8:39 pm

    that isnt the best methd ive heard its a waist of time spraying the eggs and what not you wudnt see the belgiums doin that and there the best flyers in the world and all that treatment isnt good either any pigeon man knows to much medacine just makes your pigeon amune to them so how do they build up a imune system if there been pumped with that crap sorry but ive won national levels and federation levels aswell as multipul club wins with out any of that

  4. #4 by Anthony on May 25, 2010 - 9:12 am

    Hello John,

    Thanks for taking the time to pass on some great information. I am just starting up again after being inactive for a couple of years and currently will be flying out of the Orlando, Florida area and sure could use any information you can pass on to start me on the right track.

    Thanks once again and I look forward to some more great info. / videos.


  5. #5 by Federico E. Fiallos on May 23, 2010 - 5:01 pm

    Hi John, I live in Honduras, Central America. Our weather is basically the same all year round. Six months of rain and no rain for another six months, temperature is about 80 degrees F.
    A few questions:
    1. How can one define a breeding season
    2. How do you give the cedar vinegar, mix with the grains or in the water. What proportions.
    3. What kind of charcoal do you use. I can get vegetable charcoal or the one that is use in aquarium filters.
    Thanks for your help.

  6. #6 by Gregory Brooks on April 15, 2010 - 2:52 am

    John- you raise critical points such as the importance of good nutrition and being obsessive about not transferring parasites, bacteria, viruses and protozoals from one population to another especially on the soles of one’s shoes (though not a fan of the rather gay-looking blue clog things). Also agree that all beings are partially protected by a strong immune system resilient due to not having an overly sterile environment (as in allowing dung to build up in breeder loft). I like your promotion of charcoal with fresh varied grits! Dryness, good ventilation and minimizing overcrowding are other important considerations in loft maintenance. V8 is a pasteurized product which destroys its food value as pasteurization kills the vitamins and enzymes available through fresh vegetation. Your vitamin supplements are probably all good but V8 is a messy waste. What pellet feeds do you like to add to your diverse grains? Keep up the good work!

  7. #7 by Henry Lindsey on April 3, 2010 - 9:27 pm

    asn’t able to view the video. It says it was pulled by the user!!!!!!!!!

  8. #9 by dave on March 7, 2010 - 9:45 pm

    tahnk you sir i really appreciate your help…hope i could go to your loft in the future…i will use the feed mix that you gave me this year…hope you can give me more advice suitable to my country..

    thank you and good luck to your race..
    more power…long live racing pigeons…

  9. #10 by john glemser on March 7, 2010 - 4:49 pm

    Dave you have hot days and cool nights. What I would do for young birds is feed a light feed. Buy a commercial conditioning feed, then add 4- 12 oz cans of barley or depuritive, 3- 12 oz cans of safflower, 4 cans of white milo, 3 cans of hemp. As the weather gets cooler you can add 4 cans of small corn. Thats a good light mix and your birds will fly well on it. If you are flying old birds the mix is different. Hope this helps you, John

  10. #11 by dave on March 6, 2010 - 9:05 pm

    thank you for the tips sir…can you give the ingredients of your feeds..can you give the correct feed mix for tropical county like philippines…
    heres my email add..dave_bisda@yahoo.com
    thank you and more power..

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