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Ad Schaerlaeckens

Ad Schaerlaeckens Ad Schaerlaeckens is known as one of the best pigeon fanciers, authors and pigeon sport advocates of all time. He is world renowned by the pigeon community and has numerous accomplishments in the pigeon sport. In 1995 when Ad was crowned as the over all Champion of Afdeling M Brabant (cf ‘Provincial’) again, […]



Meet The Pigeon Lady

The Pigeon Lady of New York City I found this video that I thought you would enjoy, it shows Alayne Patur Salahuddeen better known as “The Pigeon Lady of NYC”. She takes us into the world of urban pigeon keeping on the rooftops of New York City, sorta like how my uncle got started raising pigeons. […]

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How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?

Hey, I hope your enjoying the website, as much as I am enjoying making it! 🙂 and I really want to get to know you better, I also really want to get a good feel of your comfort level with pigeons this way we can continue to bring you more informative content that better suits your needs. So in […]



Trapping Trapping is a big part of the race. If the bird comes home, but does not go in, the race is not over. To win races you have to have birds that will trap on command. This takes conditioning. You have to train over and over when the birds are young, so that it […]



Space Age Ventilation – Loft Atmosphere

Space Age Ventilation – Loft Atmosphere On a visit ten years ago the Hungary to the city of Kaposyar, I met the well known German pigeon photographer Gerhard Schlepphorst. Several times we talked at length about which fanciers in Germany or Holland came up with the finest performances. During on of these exchanges the name […]

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Double Widowhood Part 4

Double Widowhood Part 4 As stated before, my first priority is to separate the hens as quickly as possible and wean the youngsters to their own compartment. Once this is achieved then I can start to cut back on the quantity of feed given and the type of grain that I feed. For those unweaned […]

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Double Widowhood Part 3

Double Widowhood Part 3 The last point I discussed was just prior to training the old birds for racing. It is imperative that the young birds be weaned as soon as possible. Only then will we see the dramatic boost in health that we are looking for. I will have all of my young birds […]

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Double Widowhood Part 2

Double Widowhood Part 2 I now realize that there are very few principles in this sport to which you need to strictly adhere. Be as innovative as you possibly can be and try to find out what works for you. Our first race is generally the first week in May so I like to put […]

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Double Widowhood Part 1

Double Widowhood Part 1 I would like to first of all talk about some of the benefits of the widowhood system, then the choice of birds, the loft and fittings and finally feed and care. I have raced the double widowhood system for almost twenty years. Before this I raced my birds on the natural […]

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Darkening System Pre and Post Race Season

Darkening System Pre and Post Race Season Adding Light Two weeks before the first race, I make another change and put the birds on sixteen hours of light. The birds wake to a natural sunrise, but I turn lights on in the coop with a timer and then shut them off at 10:00 p.m. with […]

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