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Widowhood, Natural Pigeon Racing

Widowhood, Natural Pigeon Racing, by Robert Mihaila For a long time I get many questions from the English speaking fanciers around the world to do an article about widowhood. As a system practised by myself for about 25 years did not reveal any secrets for myself, I could not see any reason to put my […]

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Pigeon-nappers nabbed, after NT$1 mil. ransom

Pigeon-nappers nabbed, after NT$1 mil. ransom TAIPEI, Taiwan — The pigeon post is back in use in Taiwan, except this time around the ancient method of communication was used to transport ransom and messages by a criminal ring that Taipei City police cracked down on yesterday. Police arrested two suspects, Chung Jung-chi and Pao Wen-chien, […]

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