The Fundamentals of Pigeon Racing

Ever since becoming interested in pigeon racing I have had the pleasure of talking with and interviewing dozens of champion pigeon fanciers and I have noticed that they all pretty much have one thing in common, and that thing is that they all understood and mastered the fundamentals of pigeon racing.  
So what are the fundamantals of pigeon racing?
In my conversations with the champions I’ve noticed 6 main elements that they focus on and those elements are…
  1. The Loft
  2. Stock & Foundation Birds
  3. Feeding & Nutrition
  4. Breeding
  5. Training & Conditioning
  6. Health
Over the next few days we are gonna dig in to each one and really pick them apart. I beleive not only are these 6 elements essential for success but they are also important for the well being of your birds and loft.
The Fundamentals of Pigeon Racing
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